Let big data and blockchain save the children

2020-06-17 20:06:41 admin 879

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed database featuring unerasable, automated, traceable and low-cost features that, if applied to vaccine production, would significantly reduce the incidence of falsified records in the production process.According to China's state food and drug administration reported, changchun longevity in people with rabies vaccine "companies production records and product inspection records, optional change process parameters and equipment" of the problem, if the application block chain technology, on the vaccine production, every production of raw materials and production process to give an independent number, and add on the block chain, can avoid to make fake production records, because each number is a unique and consistency, manufacturing.through between each record, he changed the first record, also affected the rest of the record, is holding a launch a whole body.In addition, the data on the blockchain are traceable, so when there is a problem with the vaccine, it can be traced back to the root of the problem and find out the distribution of the same batch, which can help to recover the vaccine in question.

In addition to the use of blockchain technology in vaccines, blockchain can also be used in the event of an accident. I'm sure you all know something about the News blockade in China, just like in the case of the immortal biological event, relevant articles were deleted quickly and then saved and circulated on the blockchain.One Ethereum user sent 0.001 ethereum COINS to himself, published the original contents of The Vaccine King on the Ethereum network as transaction information, and publicly stored on the Ethereum blockchain for all users to read.Ethereum blockchain belongs to the public blockchain, and once any record or data is uploaded, no one can modify or delete it.Moreover, because the entire network is run by the public, officials cannot negotiate with one of them to remove articles.