Announcement on the Launch of HAT Wallet

2020-09-27 18:45:48 815

Dear users of the HAC community:

The HAT wallet will be officially launched on July 10th , 2020!

HAT wallet is the latest application of HAC ecology-HAT wallet, and it is currently a decentralized wallet that supports the realization of HAT value transactions. The HAT wallet is developed and designed by the Health Alliance Chain team for the HAT pass exclusive wallet.

HAT is the core element of the value circulation on the HAC health alliance chain. The HAT wallet provides users with security guarantees in ensuring the value transfer of the HAT token, and realizes the diversification of HAC ecological application scenarios.

Download link: 


Thank you to the members of the HAC community for their continued support! In the next few months, HAC will have many big plans, including HAC's continuous application in more great health industry application scenarios and the development of more market applications.

Stay tuned for more surprises.

HAC Operations Team

10th, July, 2020